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The Milkdrinkers RUST Server (New) Pandora
3 / 500 players
A vending machine in Rust

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Players should not engage in hostile actions towards each other, including killing, raiding / offline raiding, or griefing.

Players are NOT allowed to raid or destroy other players bases, structures, or belongings. Please be considerate of other players privacy by maintaining a respectful distance between bases. To ensure a tidy map, kindly remove any unused structures.

Players must refrain from intentionally causing disruption or annoyance to others. This includes actions such as blocking building access, trapping players, or impeding their progress.

Players should not take items or resources from others without their explicit permission.

The use of cheats, hacks, or any game exploits that provide an unfair advantage is strictly prohibited.

This server strictly prohibits the use of offensive language, harassment, or bullying. We strive to maintain a friendly and respectful community for all players.

Spamming or advertising in the chat is strictly prohibited. Please refrain from using the chat for such purposes.

We kindly ask players to use ENGLISH in the GLOBAL chat out of respect for others. You are free to use any language in TEAM chats.

The server admins reserve the right to issue warnings, kicks, or bans if players fail to comply with these rules, depending on the specific situation.


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